Iziko - Community Mindful Sharing Circles

What is Iziko?


The word “Iziko” is Zulu (South African language) word for hearth (the for of a fireplace). It symbolizes the social center of the home.


Breeze Foundation aims to make “Iziko” the social center of communities.

An Iziko is a consciousness-based sharing circle of 9 to 21 people, facilitated by a trained volunteer. Participants are community members who feel drawn to develop deeper relationships with themselves, transcend pain, fear, anxiety, anger and depression; and move from victimhood to empowered beings. As empowered beings they are able to connect to their inner truths and find purpose and meaning. As empowered beings, they realise the power of their own being-ness, take full control of their lives, and actions and begin manifesting a life more supportive of their true purpose and prosperity. 

Iziko is about providing tools, practices and safe space to grow in every dimension of one’s being and become self-reliant. 

If you are interested in joining an iziko or to be trained to initiate and facilitate an iziko group in your community, please email: info@kowiebreeze.com