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Meet Our Team

Allo Faceshot.jpg

     Dieudonne Allo, Founder, South Africa

Dieudonne is a gifted meditation, Yoga and intuitive coach. He is a certified Yoga of Now teacher, specializing in Kriya Yoga. Dieudonne is mostly known for his non-profit work in South Africa and some parts of Africa.  He is the founder of Kowie Breeze. Dieudonne's inner transformation was catalyzed by his experience of hardship and the shame of extreme poverty, growing up in Africa. This journey began in his late teens, with a deep existential inquiry, which led him through cycles of destruction and rebuilding, culminating in the realization/discovery of his inner truth and authentic self. He uses this inner wisdom, techniques, tools, and practices learned from some great teachers he met during his extensive travel around the world to support people to overcome fear, build resilience, connect with their inner truths and live more meaningful lives. His courses and coaching sessions are based on his own experience, which he used to guide people through their own experiences. 





 Sharon Jessop - Co-founder, South Africa

Sharon is a wellness expert, wildlife warrior, conservationist, fitness fanatic, wellness expert, ultra-endurance athlete, adventurer, adrenaline junkie, serial entrepreneur, coach and trainer passionate about people, personal growth and development, a motivational speaker and TV show host with contagious energy and a zest for life. Sharon is a qualified fitness trainer and a law graduate and the founder and owner of Go Well With Sharon and Iron Angels ZA Fitness Training.

She is a goal setting guru and a firm believer in setting big and seemingly unachievable goals, and as a coach and motivational speaker, Sharon loves teaching others, especially entrepreneurs, to do the same – break through any and all perceived glass ceilings.


Emilia Jagica, Co-founder, Toronto Canada

Emilia is a certified Yoga of Now Teacher and has been rigorously practicing Hatha Yoga for the past four years and Asthanga Yoga prior to that. The past year she has fully dedicated herself to teaching Breath-work and Hatha Yoga classes in Gozo, Malta. She turned to Yoga as a holistic life approach to heal, since she suffered from a spinal injury in her early 20's. This inner journey allowed for a deeper seeing, the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit, and greater body awareness, which in turn became a crucial inspiration and component of her artistic expression. 

Creating art requires a tremendous amount of self-reflection and the incorporation of breath work and yoga has been like a perfect marriage of the two realms, for it brought about deeper authenticity, a greater balance and self-knowledge.


Eszter Jagica, Co-founder - Toronto, Canada

Eszter holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto, Canada. After almost two decades of working as an artist and academic, Eszter felt a strong calling to change her vocation. In the past two years, she completed yoga-psychotherapy and life coach consultant training at the Narada Vedic Academy in Budapest, Hungary. In 2020 she became a New Humanity School meditation and Yoga of Now teacher.

Fatima Momoti, South Africa, Senior Consultant

Fatima is an experienced film producer, with a strong passion for working with people in low-income communities in Africa. She supports the Breeze foundation with online content creation and video production. She has is currently the Coordinator of the programme for Global Leading Light Initiatives, a nonprofit based in Port Alfred, South Africa

Philipp Gruissem Co-founder - Germany & Malta

Philipp is a former professional poker player, turned spiritual teacher. He is also a social entrepreneur and philantropist who has invested in many causes with mission to support people find meaning and purpose in life. He is also an extensive traveler who supports individuals and groups to become more self-awareness. 


Xolie Gqiba - Co-founder, South Africa

Xolie is a social entrepreneur and teacher who practices yoga and meditation and enjoys working with young people to provide them with self-awareness skills. From the conception of Breeze Foundation, Xolie's excitement to see consciousness-based education to teenagers in her community in South Africa inspired the development of the organization's grassroots initiatives