Mission, Vision & Core Values


We are here to support everyone in the world on their journeys from a life of survival to one of purpose and fulfilment


A a meaningful and fulfilled life for all

Core Values

Compassion: Compassion towards the self and others is at the center of our work. It empowers us and the community leaders we work with to serve with love, empathy, and respect 
Awareness: In our work, we bring conscious awareness to our own being and the world around us.  Every decision is taken from a place of presence and awareness.

Non-judgment: To create safe and comfortable environments for our work, we treat everyone irrespective of their race, background or belief with acceptance and non-judgment.

Respect: We treat everyone with respect, irrespective of their background, culture, or beliefs

Equality: While we honor and celebrate our diversity, we see and treat every human with equality, irrespective of their race, culture or background. 

Self-determination: We know that each one of us, irrespective of where we live and our circumstances is here on earth for the purpose. They understand their needs and can take action. Our approach is to provide our services upon request to individuals who see value in them, as opposed to going uninvited to them to “save” or “help” them. We respect their free will and personal mission.


Learning by sharing: Or approach is learning by sharing from our lived experiences. In our work, we encourage our team members and participants to share only what they have experienced, instead of their beliefs.