Breeze Foundation is a non-profit company created to support individuals living in hardship to develop their inner strength and take full control of their lives. By taking control of their lives they increase their abilities to see opportunities within and around themselves to create healthier, more fulfilling, and enjoyable lives. We provide practices, tools, and mentorship to individuals and groups through workshops, seminars, Bootcamps, and retreats that support the development of resilience, self-regulation, awareness, and consciousness.

Breeze Foundation is a Community Social Investment (CSI) initiative of Kowie Breeze, a wellness company that provides online and face-to-face wellness courses and coaching services. 12% of every course sold by Kowie Breeze is used to fund the activities of the Breeze Foundation. 

Our Approach

We work with community leaders, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and other community groups which provide economic, social and employment services to support their beneficiaries to develop their inner strengths, and use the opportunities available to thrive in every dimension of their being. We, however, only work with people who voluntarily sign up for our programmes


Our approach to development is grounded in the understanding that:

  • Everything one needs is already within them

  • Everyone needs to take steps to identify the opportunities which life presents to them, their own natural gifts and use them to create more meaningful lives for themselves

  • It is more dignified and respectful to not assume that we know what others need, irrespective of their situations

Our work is not about “helping” or saving the "needy". It is about meeting people with what we have a co-creating a better life for all. This our delivery is based on "learning-by-sharing" rather than traditional classroom teaching. We also do not go to communities and individuals to deliver our programmes, unless they invite us. 


The opportunity to turn our own gifts into services to support the development of other beings is one that we cherish, but at the core of our programmes is the yearning to learn more about life. As facilitators, we constantly remind ourselves that all we truly know is in our own experience. By sharing our experiences with others, our aim is to express our authentic selves and become better versions of ourselves and in the process, allow the light of our existence to impact others for the common good. Our programmes are therefore rooted in sharing and creating the experience, rather than teaching concepts.



Our Projects


Iziko – Mindful community sharing circles

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Resilience and Wellness Workshops

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Lindsay Cilliers (Co-founder Further Impact, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Dieudonne offered weekly Wellness Sessions to our Fellows during the first Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa during March and April 2020.

Dieudonne incorporated yoga, breathwork and meditation into the sessions, providing entrepreneurs with vital tools to deal with uncertainty and stress while supporting their immunity and mental health during the global pandemic.

These sessions proved invaluable during an incredibly challenging time and offered long term benefits to our Fellows

Dieudonne is one of the wisest and most centered people I know. I have learnt a lot from his approach to life and his perspective on the importance of wellbeing. He's knowledge of breathwork and meditation is inspiring and the sessions I have had with him have been hugely beneficial".

Thulani Bono (Owner, FoNG Renewable, East London, South Africa)

I participated in Allo’s online wellness programme from April to June 2020 and experienced his unique ability to hold space and guide one into their very essence. His breathing and meditations techniques helped me to build the resilience that I needed to transcend those very difficult times. The palpable energy that radiates from his presence is inspiring and healing

Elli Yiannakaris (business coach, entrepreneur - Johannesburg, South Africa)

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